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granting his only television interview to nbc's chrkristen welker. she is in our washington bureau. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lester. i end viewed steven broil. petraeus was in the comeback forces in iraq. he says he is stunned about the news of his former boss. new details are emerging about how this all came to light. according to multiple sources the down fall of general david petraeus all started with a seemingly unrelated complaint to the fbi. officials say it was triggered by e-mails from petraeus' biographer, paula broadwell, to another woman not related to petraeus who felt she was being harassed and complained to the fbi. officials say in recent weeks the fbi traced the e-mails to broadwell and only stumbled on the relationship with tpetraeus as a result. >> my first reaction was disbelief. >> reporter: now petraeus' former spokesperson steven boylan is speaking out. he worked with the the the from 2005 to 2008 including in iraq. the two have remained close and spoke by phone on saturday. >> he said he had an excellent job, an exceptional family. he h
, as questions about the affair and the fallout swirl around washington. >>> state of confusion. the rest ofhe country has elected a president while the election results in florida remain too close to call. many are asking when it comes to voting why is the sunshine state still in the dark? >>> and bieber breakup. word that justin bieber and selena gomez have split. while they might be sad, a lot of 'tween and teenage girls are likely shrieking with joy, "today," saturday, november 10th, 2012. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. general david petraeus was one of the most revered figures in washington. a four-star general known for turning around the war in iraq. >> he was even considered a potential presidential candidate, so his admission that he had an extramarital affair, forcing his resignation as cia director, has set off shockwaves around washington. it was discovered as part of an fbi investigation, and it's got many wondering did he compromise national security, and is there more to this story? we're going to have much m
an evergreen show. >> david letterman had denzel washington on. he said he wouldn't have turned up for anybody but dave. said he swam to the studio. a lot of tweets. >> twitter, we saw rosie o'donnell showed a picture of her backyard that now looks like a river that is -- >> a terrifying picture of a tree down. and then a lot of celebrities, too, took to twitter whether on the west of the east coast to wish everybody well. >> the one lovely thing i get a million e-mails, press releases every day. monday i didn't get a single press release from a single celebrity promoting anything but this so it was a really good thing. >> so, moving on, jennifer aniston and justin -- >> are shopping. >> slow news day, out shopping for furniture. >> oh, stop it, hoda. >> we are happy for them. >> this is why this is a big story. >> why? >> he has moved pretty much into her life. now they are starting fresh. they bought a house together. they are not using her furniture, they are buying furniture together, which what people are saying this is going to be a good relationship. >> cute. >> very cute. they were loo
and the fallout swirl around washington. state of confusion, the rest of the country has elected a president and the ruts in florida remain too close to call. and when it comes to voting, why is the sunshine state still in the dark. and bieberreak up, word that justin bieber and selena gomez may have split. they may bed sad, but many teenager girls are likelyikely screaming with joy. >>> on nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. >> welcome to "today" on a saturday. >> general david petraeus, a four star general, is known for turning around the war in iraq. >> his admission that he had an extramarital affair forcing his resignation at cia director set off shock waves across washington. it was part of an fbi investigation and if t has many wondering if he compromised national security. >> that's not the only big story. president obama and house speaker john boehner appear to be drawing lines in the sand on that looming fiscal cliff. big tax hikes and spending cuts that could take effect at the end of the year if they can't find a compromise. >>> also, it sounds crazy, but
from the outside in washington. simultaneously, there's something else under way this morning within the republican party saying we have to change. we cannot go on like this because we keep narrowing the base, and there are a lot of republicans, very senior republicans who have had success in the past and looked at that primary procedure and saw that as a prescription for what happened last night. they were running a retro campaign in the 21st century when things have changed, and the obama people were running a pote modern campaign with technology and looking at the diverse electorate we now have. >> some people say republican soul searching, other republicans say it will be civil war. >> no question. paul ryan is a leader of this party. is it that they were not conservative enough? the reality is mitt romney won a near historic portion of the white vote in america, and he suffered a very bad loss. that's because the country looks different. it has changed. the party has got to find a way to reach out to latinos, the fastest growing voting bloc to become a more diverse party with th
morning. >> thank you, sir. >> tell me about what's going on in washington right now. everyone is saying the right things. president obama said a couple days ago i'm looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders in both parties to meet our challenges. john boehner said we are ready to be led. is this just honeymoon talk or do the american people have reason to believe things might be different in a second term? >> a lot of it's honeymoon talk. this is the natural result. the president wants to appear magnanimous in victory. the speaker, whose party just lost, wants to be clear that practically he understands that the country voted for an incumbent president as opposed to the nominee of his party, so it behooves him at this point to make the right noises. but it's still friday. sometimes bipartisanship in washington is a little like what mark twain said about tom sawyer and huck finn. there was once an evangelist who came to town who was so good that even huck finn was saved until sunday afternoon. there is a short half life. >> so pessimism about business as usual changing in
is reaching beyond washington this morning. >> his admitted affair was first discovered when the fbi discovered threatening e-mails when sent to a woman in florida. she's now identified as a married mother who works as an unpaid social liaison on an air force base. she says she and the general are family friends. more on her straight ahead, and we'll have a live interview with petraeus' former spokesman who talked with him over the weekend. and then we'll talk with the political fallout of all of this with the former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> let's get to the news first and nbc's andrea mitchell. she is the one who first broke this story. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. law enforcement officials say that it all began with a complaint to the fbi last summer from a family friend of david petraeus as a woman who said she was receiving anonymous computer threat. that launched an investigation that eviolently brought down a storied military career, changed the leadership of the cia and has congress questioning just how the fbi handled this sensitive ca
better know this, missy, who was the first president to live in the white house, george washington, john adams, thomas jefferson or james madison? >> john adams. >> wow, she knows her stuff. wow. wow. wow. >> the resident act established the nation's first capitol in philadelphia. that's where george washington lived. they built the white house for eight years, cost $232,000 to build the white house. a bargain in today's dollars, but not back then. john adams and abigail moved in in 1800. >> back across to kathy. >> holly jean gifford, can you believe it upstate new york? who was the youngest person to become president, was it james polk, theodore roosevelt, john f. kennedy or bill clinton? >> john f. kennedy. >> that's what i thought, too. >> she's wrong. the correct answer there is -- >> theodore roosevelt. i have all their ages. >> tell us. 1901, theodore roosevelt became president at the age of 42 years and 322 days, youngest president. after his, kennedy, 43 bill clinton, third youngest, 46, then ulysses s grant and barack obama, fifth youngest president, sworn in at 47 years and 16
measures to allow same-sex marriage. and in colorado and washington state, residents voted to legalize marijuana, a measure massachusetts was also approved to allow medical marijuana use. >>> just a week after getting slammed by superstorm sandy, new york and new jersey are bracing for yet another new storm. hundreds of flights in the area have already been cancelled, and airlines are evaluating how many more will be grounded. in low-lying areas police are using loudspeakers to tell residents to move to higher ground, and hundreds of nursing home residents in the hard-hit rockaways have already been evacuated. one ray of hope. weather experts now say this nor'easter may be weaker than originally expected. >>> after indicating that he would not voluntarily attend a congressional hearing this month, house lawmakers have issued a subpoena for barry kaden, the director of the massachusetts pharmacy at the center of the deadly meningitis outbreak. 30 deaths have been blamed on the outbreak and more than 400 people have been sickened by tainted steroid injections distributed by the compoundi
washington more than ten hours after a fire there. crews don't know what sparked the fire at the market building. at one point, firefighters had to evacuate the structure, fearing it would collapse. let's go to danella sealock with the traffic. >> gridlock traveling 29 southbound. very slow in this area. delays start about cherry hill road and steady to the beltway. 395 northbound, the accident is in the right shoulder lane. back to you. >> thank you. tom has the forecast, next. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afg
, it is pressure from the outside of washington. simultaneously, there is something else under way this morning within the republican party saying that we have to change. we cannot go on like this, because we keep narrowing the base, and there are a lot of republicans, very senior republicans who have had success in the past who lookedt that primary procedure and saw that as a prescription to what happened last night. they were running a retro campaign in the 21st century when things have changed and the obama were running a post-modern campaign with technology and the diverse electorate. >> some republicans say a soul searching and other republicans say civil war, david. >> no question that paul ryan is a leader of the party. were they not conservative enough? the fact is that mitt romney won a historic portion of the white vote in america and suffered a bad loss, because the country has changed and looks different. they have to become a more diverse party with the ability to shed some of the orthodoxy around taxes, around spending, over the role of government. and this process is going to beg
a lot, matt. a show of hands, who has been stuck in new york? where are you from? >> spokane, washington. >> when were you supposed to go home? >> monday. >> when are you getting home? >> supposed to be tomorrow. >> how about you guys? >> from los angeles, supposed to go home on monday but i'm not leaving until friday. >> you're booked? >> yes, i'm booked. >> good luck. >> and you're here for the marathon. >> we're here for the marathon. >> where did you come from? >> minneapolis. >> when did you get in here? >> just yesterday, but i ran the washington marathon sunday. >> so you just ran up here? >> well -- >> all right, thanks so much. let's see what we've got for you weather wise. it's chilly here in the northeast. we've got a trough here in the east and out west a big ridge. so it's a tale of two countries temperature wise. look at those temperatures here in the northeast where folks don't have power, don't have heat, it's going to be a rough night tonight and a day tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s, mid-50s to upper 40s where it's anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below normal. out
. kristin welker is in our washington bureau with more. good morning. >> reporter: general petraeus snuck in and out of the capital on friday, but his testimony is still making waves with lawmakers. some say it only raises more questions about the way the administration landled the benghazi attack. due to the firestorm surrounding his life, reporters were blocked to spare him embarrassment. lawmakers say petraeus testified that the cia immediately believed that terrorists were involved in the september 11 benghazi assault. that is a stark contrast to the account u.n. ambassador susan rice offered in the days after the incident when she said that what happened in benghazi was a spontaneous attack. some lawmakers said the discrepancy was the result of evolving intelligence, while others noted the cia's initial assessment of terrorism was classified and therefore not included in the talking points rice was given. critics of the administration are demanding more answers while others are defending ambassador rice. >> the original talking points were much more specific about al qaeda involvemen
races a win for the washington redskins meant a win for the incumbent president or party. and in fact the -- the result of the redskins last home game before the election has a near perfect record. so here's what happened. the redskins lost on sunday, so if you believe the redskins rule, mitt romney will be the next president. >> there is an exception to the rule. 17 out of 18. the one time that the incumbent didn't win was president herbert walker bush. >> can't the redskins just be allowed to just win games? doesn't rg3 have enough pressure on his shoulders? >> i detect a bias towards the redskins. >> you know, a child of washington, d.c., and i am a skins fan. >> okay. >> sorry they lost. >> how about the cookie poll. i like this one. >> this i feel like might have vg to it. the bakery has count the votes based on cookie sale n.2008 the obama cookie got 68% of the cookie sale and 68% of the electoral vote. well, the cookie poll this year currently has obama beating romney 14,317 cook toys 12,690 cookies. >> you know why his was more popular? >> because with the ears you get extra c
weather-wise. we're going to see quite a bit of rain, washington, oregon, california, nevada, idaho, and then moving into wyoming, parts of colorado, utah, and montana. still a few showers throughout the extreme southeast coast here along the atlantic side. the warmest air will be in the south. and it's even going to be mild in the northern plains. 56 in minneapolis is quite mild for this time of year. one storm after another moving into the pacific northwest. watch those snow levels come down saturday night into sunday. be careful when you're traveling through the mountain passes in the coming weeks in the west because those snow levels will fluctuate. there will be times it will be dangerous to travel through those mountain passes. so check the latest conditions before you head through the mountains. here's a look at the temperatures for sunday. still very mild, well above average in some cases 20 degrees above average throughout parts of the upper midwest. cold front eventually going to swing through on monday bringing a chance for some showers. still looking at the pacific north
and nantucket, looking at high wind warnings and with wind gusts from washington, d.c. up to boston, anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour, probably be some airport delays as well. the good news is, it's just about over. that's the latest. we have got your local forecast coming up in just a little bit. now, let's go back inside to matt. >> all right, al, thank you very much..much. >>> of course, not everyone is as fortunate as that woman we saw who got her power back in o the middle of that interview. tens of thousands of homeowners are still in the dark ten days after sandy. nbc's erica hill is in ocean er side, new york. that's on long island. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. driving around here, you have to be so careful of the powerlines, which as you can see are weighted down now even lower under all of this snow. as of midnight, an additional 20,000 here on long island are without power. and the local power company says they will get to them. but they're in line behind all of the people they still need to bring power back to who lost it after sandy. that's smal
will see airport delays stretching all the way from boston down into washington, d.c. today. so we are not quite done with this, but it's just about over. that's the good news. we have to wait and see what else is coming. guys, back to you. >> all right, al. thank you very much. of course, not everyone is as fortunate as that woman we saw who got her power back in the middle of that interview. tens of thousands of homeowners are still in the dark ten days after sandy. nbc's erica hill is in ocean side, new york. on long island, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. driving around here, you have to be so careful of the power lines, which as you can see are weighted down now even lower under all of this snow. as of midnight, an additional 20,000 here on long island are without power. and the local power company says they will get to them. but they're in line behind all of the people they still need to bring power back to who lost it after sandy. that small solitude for people like the davises behind me who have been without power for more than a week. streets are
. that tells that's where they think they either win or lose this election. >> chuck todd in washington. thank you very much. just tell our viewers that nbc's election night coverage will come to you from democracy plaza right here at rockefeller center. it will open to the public starting tomorrow. >>> all right, get a check of the morning's other headlines. tamron hall is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. >>> new criminal charges today in the fallout from the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isikoff has more for us. michael, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. one year after jerry sandusky was arrested and charged with sexually molesting young boys, pennsylvania attorney general linda kelly is today set to announce what is being described as a major new development in the case. sources tell nbc news that prosecutors are preparing to charge graham spanier, penn state's former president, with perjury and obstruction to cover up the allegations against sandu
in the nation's capital on saturday. hundreds of people gathered on washington's national mall for a million muppet march, many dressed in costumes drug big bird although that's not his ko costume, kids. that's just a big bird. the event was prompted by mitt romney's vow in the first presidential debate that he would cut funding to pbs if elected president. that was the largest muppet of all time. >>> and finally, to an event where man's love of flying reached new heights and also where it's obvious that sometimes man has too much time on his hands. 30 teams competed saturday in the red bull tournament in miami, flying day in german. amateur pilots used a flight deck 30 feet above biscayne bay to launch their homemade crafts. some of them soared. some of them didn't. and some of them thought it meant something entirely different obviously. that is the news. back to lester and erica. >>> did she mention the time change? >> was there a time change today, lester? >> should really get that if there is. jenna, thanks. >>> dylan dreyer has a check of your national forecast. >>> did you no >> the b
mitchell is in washington with more on this story. good morning. >> good morning, matt. all eyes are on former cia director david petraeus who is under investigation by the very agency he was head of as the cia investigates whether petraeus used agency resources to further his relationship with his biographer, paula broadwell. this as petraeus heads to capitol hill testifying behind closed doors on the benghazi attacks before the house and senate intelligence committees. the nation's former top spy is facing pressure on two fronts. now under investigation by the agency he once headed, even as he prepares to testify before congress on benghazi. petraeus' testimony expected to focus on when the cia knew the attack on the consulate was an act of terrorism and not a spontaneous demonstration. on thursday, top intelligence officials briefed senate intelligence committee members behind closed doors. members say they were shown a real time video of the entire attack. >> the film is a composite from a number of sources. it is real time. it does begin from when the incident, before the in
>>> moving in to parts of oregon, washington, another powerful storm producing accidents and warnings and dangerous flooding and mud slides. >>> and new york's kindest, a police officer photographed giving new boots to a barefoot, homeless man, an image touching hearts worldwide. we'll talk to that officer. and he meets the woman that captured that moment for the if irrelevancy time today, friday, november 30th, 2012. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, welcome to "today," it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on friday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i am willie geist in for matt. there's a husband and wife in dearborn, missouri with a lot to think about, a lot of retirement planning to get under way. >> these are the tough decisions to be made. may have the second possible winner as well. >> that's right. you're looking at surveillance video of a man as he checked his numbers and apparently realized he just hit the jackpot, a clerk at the store said the man had the winning num
" was second and "flight" with denzel washington was third. >>> this massive fireworks show in kuwait just won a place in the guinness book of world records for the largest display ever. it was all in honor of the golden jubilee anniversary of the country's constitution. absolutely spectacular photos. it is now four minutes after the hour. let's go over to al with a check of your weather. hey, al. >> and good morning, let's see what we've got. a frontal system stretching from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast bringing big changes temperature-wise, that's for sure and looking at a lot of wet weather from detroit down into louisiana with heavier rain, some as much an an inch to two inches of rain. pacific northwest. we'll be looking at anywhere from three to four inches of rain, from portland up to seattle and snow in the upper elevations of the olympians and >> good morning. temperatures will be way above average on this monday. rain will come in tonight. >> all right. time now for today's "take 3" where we give our take on the three stories that have caught our attention. you
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secretary in washington, october 27th. officials say the cia has been told by the fbi that there's no indication that petraeus misused classified material, but investigation is open-ended. this as new details emerged thursday about frederick humphries ii, the tampa fbi agent who triggered the investigation that led to petraeus' resignation. humphries is a 16-year veteran who played a major royal in feeling ahmed raceiam's millennial plot to blow up l.a.x. and he's currently an fbi liaison officer and humphries got to know jill kelley in tampa, say people close to kelley, and she turned to him when she and general john allen first received anonymous e-mails last spring that they found alarming. thursday, humphries helped explain that shirtless picture he had sent kelley telling the "seattle times" it was a joke. posing with target dummies after s.w.a.t. practice. it was humphries who apparently worried about a cover-up told republican congressman dave reichert, an old friend about the petraeus investigation. reichert alerted majority leader eric cantor, almost two weeks before the
is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. good morning. >> good morning. >> as we look at everything going on in washington and this hearing, two parties, two different takes on that testimony yesterday. is anyone going to be satisfied here? >> i don't think so. i think this is -- what we're seeing in the petraeus scandal and the bengahzi issue being prolonged is an extension of some of the conflict and the bitterness we had during the election campaign. not sure what the resolution of that is going to be. i think ultimately that energy will get spent and lawmakers are going to turn to the real crisis that is looming over the american economy, which is the fiscal cliff and the potential that we could go back into recession if that's not reserved. >> there did seem to be positive sentiment yesterday out of those meetings about the fiscal cliff between the president and congressional leaders. if we're sticking with the positivity theme here, any sense of a timeline here on something getting done? >> yes. the leaders were -- and i agree with you, that was as positive an aftermath of a meeting
. 29 in the southbound direction, 175, we have an accident clearing. washington boulevard and whiskey bottom road, we have an accident, and heavy delays towards 175. all that is left over from earlier accident. eastbound 50 and 80 area of -- i can't even show to you because might map froze, but there is an accident there. northbound and southlawn traffic is ok here, but southbound, watch for delays in the area. 795 and owings mills, southbound delays towards the beltway because of the website volume from 795-. >> computer gremlins get in the traffic department, too. we don't expect precipitation. 37 in part in. 38 in jarrettsville. you look at sunshine to break through the cloud deck eventually. high temperatures between 48 and 53. the average high is 61. 10 degrees below average today. dry in chilly with a high- temperature near 54 election day. we will watch the storm coming we will watch the storm coming up the coast and w well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you thin
's chief washington correspondent. good morning to both of you. nice to have both of you here this morning. chris, as we look at these numbers, as peter just laid out for us, the romney campaign is really trying to drive upturnout at this point. if those numbers hold with our polling in ohio, is there a path to victory for mitt romney without ohio? >> well, who knows. i think ohio is probably going to go for the president. i'm looking at pennsylvania. i think they haven't spent the time there. romney is going into this weekend -- they think they've got an outside chance at pennsylvania. i don't follow all this theory that it all comes down to ohio. i do think there are a lot more states in play. watching these things and make predictions about presidential election for so long and i always go with one simple principle. look at the numbers on thursday and project the direction they're going in. the direction right now, although it's mild, is definitely going towards obama. so he will be better off on monday and tuesday than he is right now. i really think that's the strongest thing to look
in washington on wednesday still not talking. but officials a i the investigation was triggered in may when general john allen received an e-mail from an account called kelley patrol. it warned the general to stay away from kelley. general allen forwarded it to her. on the account she shares with her husband scott thinking kelley had sent it as a joke. sources closest to kelley told the general she hadn't sent it but was concerned she was being stalked because the e-mail referred to a meeting that she and general allen scheduled in washington the next week. in june, people close to kelley say she and her husband received as many as four similar e-mails from different accounts telling jill she's up to no good and asking her husband, do you know what your wife is up to when she has dinner with general petraeus? she turned all the e-mails including general allen's over to a veteran f agent she knew. eventually investigators say all the anonymous e-mails were tracked back to paula broadwell. meanwhile, the people close to the kelleys say jill kelley never had an affair with general allen. but t
on here. savannah. >> complicated is the word of the day. amitch nell washington. thank you. let's turn to retired colonel jack jacobs who is an nbc military analyst. first petraeus, and now general allen involved. on the stunner scale, where do you put this? >> seven. very startling, especially for those people who worked with these officers and known for them for years and years. really quite astonishing. do you know general allen? what is his reputation? >> i don't know him very well. i've met him on several occasions. he's a 1976 honors graduate of the u.s. naval academy. he's got a -- a masters degree from georgetown, from the national war college. he's quite an intellectual actually. a great infantry marine and has had an absolutely stellar career. all this personal stuff coming out at a very, very difficult time complicates matters, both for our effort in southwest asia and for the upcoming budget battle. >> further complicating it is that he's about to leave as the head of the allied forces in afghanistan and had been due for a new post-as head of the military's efforts in europ
closely. chuck todd from washington. tom brokaw joins us, our nbc news special correspondent. >> good morning, matt. >> you always hear people talk about a possible october surprise. do you think this storm sandy could be an october surprise? >> well, we've had a series of them. the president not showing up for the first debate, benghazi and then this surprise. the storm was much larger than anybody thought that it might be two weeks ago, three weeks ago. >> how will it impact the race though? >> i don't know. it's hard to say. i think that the endorsement by mayor bloomberg may not move the needle, for example, in colorado, but in ohio and in places where they are trying to get white men, they can say, look, this guy has got the endorsement of the mayor of new york. >> even though it wasn't a very warm hug. >> it wasn't a warm haug, but it was tough on romney about not being the guy that he was when he was governor of massachusetts. >> want to go back to sandy for a moment. its greatest impact has been in states like new jersey and new york. these aren't swing states. >> no, they are
this washington gridlock. we've got to break this notion that somehow, you know, particularly on the republican side in congress that, you know, compromise is a dirty word or somehow if they don't get everything they want they can't work at all with this president. i think the president is eager to sit down and solve problems with democrats and republicans and move this country forward. >> robert gibbs, we're out of time. got to leave it there. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> and now here's matt. >> savannah, thanks. ed gillespie, is senior advisers to mitt romney's campaign. ed, good morning. good to see you. happy election day. >> good morning, matt, happy that it is election day. >> exactly. this has been a six-year quest for governor romney. i'm sure the campaign and the candidate have crosses the ts and dotted the is and talked about every possible scenario. ed, what kept you awake last night? what are you most worried about? >> actually i slept pretty well last night. we feel really good. we have momentum at the end of th campaign. governor romney's p
to see a thing. we've been in washington, d.c. and everything was closed. so we made our way here to new york. rented a car because the trains and buses were closed. so we're here now and happy to be on the "today" show. >> now you get to be on your favorite national show and get a makeover and it's your birthday. so happy birthday. is this a treat? >> yeah. >> that was cute. so here are her daughters, elizabeth and mckenzie. please keep your blind folds on until i ask you to take them off. here is theresa peterson before. all right. let's see the new you. >> such a great look. take off your blind folds. take them off. >> wow! all right. are you ready, mom? >> oh, my gosh. oh, this is wonderful. >> you look great. you look fantastic. >> look right at that camera. tell us about the hair, louis. >> she has a great beautiful swept away haircut. it's so pretty. i made the color a little deeper. it looks like you. it doesn't look like it's me. and that's the most important thing about color. and accented with natural-looking makeup. >> which is wonderful. >> what do you guys think? >> it's gr
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